Basement City

A Collective of Active Artistry and Entertainment.


    Florida native, Matty Tron is an old school Juggalo from out the central city of Orlando. This welterweight producer enjoys long walks through the cold dank morgue and a nice tall cup of science in the morning. His independent video editing and gaming tactics have gone into his beat making techniques for a unique developmental style that makes Bitches Bounce Booty; B-Girls will be girls!

the Strict Bandit

    A5k! the Strict Bandit is a self-confessed “Hater by Nature” from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Loathing with an unmatched indignant and acrimonious attitude toward people, this beat maker tries to maintain a classic sounding sample heavy style while going about the most abstract routines to create incomparable sounding harmonics and tones. The Strict Bandits musical admissions can only be exceed at times by his loathing for life.